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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gemscool PB (Point Blank Indonesia). Point blank, this online game really hot now, may be we can say that this game is the best online game now. Many people like point blank, not only kids but also adult man. Why this game so famous?, i am doing some survey for this, and this is the answer from some people...

- Point blank not make us boring
- The effect on point blank is so great, not like the old "war game"
- On point blank we can increase our level or ability of our character
- This game so fun and make our adrenalin going up
- We can find many friends from this game, and we can join on many group

I think what they said is true, if you not play this game yet, you must try it.

Gemscool PB (Point Blank Indonesia)

Gemscool PB (Point Blank Indonesia)

Last time i wrote about

- cheat point blank (I),
- cheat point blank (II),

Point blank or Pb, now we will discuss anything about point blank (called gemscool pb or gemscool point blank). You can write your comment or send us a question, just visit gemscool (click), and then select the room that you want, there are many room there, forgot password point blank, report cheat user, your point blank char banned or deleted by admin, etc.

Untuk mengakses gemscool, silahkan klik disini

Note: Only For Indonesian People, mau hadiah jutaan rupiah hanya dengan memasukkan nomor HP?. Silahkan daftar dengan memasukkan nomor hp kamu Klik Disini, kemudian ikuti langkah-langkah yang diminta

Syarat dan ketentuan berlaku, siapa cepat dia dapat. Nomor yang beruntung akan dihubungi oleh team kami, klik disini dan menangkan hadiahnya sekarang juga.

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