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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Video Photos Germany Vs Spain 0-1 (Foto Jerman Vs Spanyol). Germany, 2010 world cup semi finals match between Germany and Spain really great, both of team played well and attack each other. Many people said that Germany will be able to defeat Spain and went into the final of 2010 world cup, but the truth is different spain success defeat germany. Spain will fight on the biggest match of the 2010 world cup, final duel with Nederlands (Holland) - Nederlands Vs Uruguay 3-2.

The hero of this match is Carles Puyol, spain defender. His goal make germany goal keeper can't stop the ball. Score remained 0-1 until the game ended, Germany actually has a lot of chances to score but always fail. I will give you pictures or photos (goal score by carles puyol). Let's check it...

Photos Germany Vs Spain 0-1 (Jerman Vs Spanyol)

Foto Dan video Jerman Vs Spanyol 0-1

Puyol heading The Ball

Goal Score By Puyol, Germany Goalkeeper Can't Reached The Ball

Spain Celebrate Their Victory

Video Highlight Germany Vs Spain (Goal By Carles Puyol - Spanish Defender)

Bravo For Spain,,,

Video from youtube.com

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