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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eminem Space bound Lyrics And Video. Enimem, i think you know this singer or we can say rapper. Eminem is one of the rapper on the world, his song not like other song. Honestly i am one of his fans haha, how about you?. Many people said that the not only like eminem's song but also character of Eminem. Okay back to the topic, Eminem Space bound, lot of people like this song and looking for that song's video on youtube.com.

Don't worry i will give you Eminem Space bound lirycs also Eminem Space bound video, you can download the video or save the lyrics on your laptop. This song very nice, i am sorry i can't give you download link of mp3 Space bound because i think it's better if we buy the original DVD. This video or lyrics i got from songhitslyrics.com (for lyrics) and video on youtube.com.

Eminem Space bound Lyrics

Eminem Space bound Lyrics And Video

We touch, I feel a rush
We clutch, it isn’t much
But it’s enough to make me wonder what’s in store for us
It’s lust, it’s torturous
You must be a sorceress cause you just
Did the impossible
Gain my trust, don’t play games it’ll be dangerous
If you fuck me over
Cause if I get burnt, I’ma show you what its like to hurt
Cause I been treated like dirt before ya
And love is evil
Spell it backwards I’ll show ya

(Verse 1)

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Eminem Space bound Video

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