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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Miyabi Maria Ozawa Dead? - many people on twitter talk and discuss about this now, "is it true miyabi dead?". Well i can said that this rumors it's not true, some years ago (2008 and 2009), there is a same rumors like this. Lot of people said that miyabi died because HIV Aids. But we all know the she still there, the last movie from her is called menculik miyabi (an Indonesian movie). I am just wonder why this rumors about miyabi or maria ozawa come again, and this is really same, miyabi dies because HIV Aids. Look like some people want she dies here haha,,,

The latest information that i got is miyabi watched Manchester united vs Liverpool some days ago, so how she can watch that tournament if she was die?. Maybe her ghost watched it haha.

Miyabi Maria Ozawa Dead?

Miyabi Maria Ozawa Dead?

So this news, Miyabi or Maria Ozawa died is totally hoax.

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