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Friday, September 17, 2010

Nokia released new smartphones. Daily News, Nokia, a long-time player in the mobile phone market newly launched a new series of smartphones: Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6. Nokia’s recent development in the business of smartphone market exposes the leads of companies that implement mobile management solutions. As new abilities come to the company’s mobility sector, mobile management solutions can implement policies to exploit efficiency from the latest available technology.

The introduction of the new smartphones will increase Nokia’s efforts to keep its leadership position amidst the competition with rapidly growing Android devices and new developments from Apple and Microsoft. The smartphones will run the industry-leading Symbian operating system and Nokia’s Ovi applications and services.
In spite of the new competition, Symbian remains the most widely used smartphone platform in the world according to Inthenews.co.uk. The new smartphones presented today feature the all-new Symbian OS. The devices runs the Symbian^3 mobile operating system and features a 4-inch polarized AMOLED touchscreen to appeal to business users that are attracted to similar capabilities on Apple’s iPhone, Motorola’s Droid phones and even the latest BlackBerry Torch.

Nokia released new smartphones

Nokia released new smartphones

Other features on the latest Nokia E7 is a number of new business apps available on the company’s Ovi Store, including Salesforce for Symbian, Bloomberg and Microsoft Communicator Mobile, in addition to WiFi, GPS and mobile USB support.

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