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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Send Free SMS - Sms Gratis - This is a great news for you who like send SMS to your friends or your family. There is a way that make us can send lot of sms for free, as many as you want. We didn't need software to do that, i found a nice website and that site share the widget for free.

Don't ask how to make a website like that because i don't know too. Some of expert said to make a website like that, we must have abilities about php. And also we must prepare the auto bot (use for sending sms). Okay i think enough for the explanation, for you who want to send the sms for free, let's check this one.

Send Free SMS - Sms Gratis

Send Free SMS - Sms Gratis

Send the sms to your friend for free now, visit the article about sms gratis (free sms). Please remember, this free sms only for Indonesian people...

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sutrisno_585 said...

apa SMS itu bukan penipuan ya karena sekarang banya informasi tentang gratis ternyata ujung-ujungnya pengurasan pulsa