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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hack Point Blank Id Password - can we hack point blank?, yes we can do that. Many user send their report to me that their char or id hacked by someone. We must be careful now, let alone our char has been promoted to higher rank. But don't scare about your char will hacked by someone, the point is you must know how they do that (hack point blank) or hack facebook / fb.

There are some way to do that, we will discuss about the popular way to hack point blank, read this one...

- Many people or gamers play in internet cafe, but they didn't check on that computer, there is a keylogger software or not. Keylogger can save the username and also the password, if somebody open that keylogger, your char will hacked. So check or ask before play.

Hack Point Blank Id Password

- Some players report that there is a man contact them because that man want to give some cash from their char. Don't believe that if you didn't know who is that man, if he ask your your username and your password, don't believed it!.

If your point blank char hacked by someone, click on Hack Point Blank Id Password and send your report to us.

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