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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Justin Bieber 51 (Old) - Daily News, wow many people discuss about this now, is it justin bieber really 51 years old?. I think if it's true like that, his fans will leave him haha. Okay we will discuss about this rumor or this justin biber news. There is a news, an old man (51 years) disguised as Justin Bieber. He do that for many years, that old man make a plastic mask and use it (you can see the mask photos). The question now, is it true?, well i can said that this news are totally garbage or hoax.

Onion News Network (ONN), this is where the news come from. Onion News Network make a fake gossip or news about justin bieber, may be it's not the first time they do this (i think they like to make people confuse, and they will get big benefit there). Many people especially justin bieber fans, feel shock and of course think this gossip only a fake news, the discuss this on facebook. Onion News Network said that they make this news because one of article at TMZ, on that article said that justin bieber face seen flaking on stage.

Justin Bieber 51 (Old)

Justin Bieber 51 (Old)

That the photos of the old man and also the fake mask. You can watch this video, video still about justin bieber old.

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