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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Derek Jeter Contracted Want 24 Million Dollars Per Year - Daily News, After weeks of inflammatory rhetoric, the messy negotiations between free-agent Derek Jeter and the Yankees appear to be inching toward a middle ground. A day after the Daily News reported that the starting point for Jeter's side was $150 million over six years - figures that the shortstop's agent, Casey Close, said Friday were "inaccurate" - a source with knowledge of the talks said the Yankee captain's camp had come down slightly.

Jeter's side, the source said, has proposed a five-year deal worth between $22 million-$24 million per year, down from the $25 million average annual value that a six-year, $150 million contract represents.

With the Yankees' initial offer standing at three years, $45 million, these new parameters would still represent a gap of between $65 million-$75 million between the parties. Jeter, 36, who is coming off his worst season in the majors, just finished a contract that paid him $189 million over 10years, including $21 million in 2010.

Friday, Close released a statement to numerous media outlets that read: "The recently rumored terms of our contract proposal are simply inaccurate." Close, however, would not disclose where he and Jeter stand in regard to years and dollars and refused comment on the potential of a five-year deal for $110 million-$120 million for his client. This information is quoted in part from the daily news.

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