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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Freddie Jackson Releases Come Back CD - Daily News, After seven years, Freddie build his new album, this senior artist finally ready to publish her latest album. On this new album, Jackson will bring style and an easy song. This album was created by renowned producer named Barry Eastmond.

Regarding the new album, Freddie says "I feel it is a very good step for me to do at this time. I do not want to be someone who is too relaxed and do not require people to think too relaxed. "The point is that Freddie continue to work despite his age has a lot of young musicians rivaled by newcomers.

But this new album will not be inferior to other music. On this album, Freddie chose a song called I Do not Want to Go as her single album that gave rise to songs such as ballads, but sensual voice. Freddie Jackson's famous in his time pad in the 80's to 90's with hit songs that success in the jungle music.

In this old age, Freddie can be found in Harlem nightclub, as he often sang there and also lived in Harlem.

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