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Monday, November 22, 2010

Harry Potter Graveyard Wild - Daily News, Although nothing to do with the story from a book by JK Rowling, but the tomb of the same name with the main character in the story visited Harry Potter fans. The tomb was discovered five years ago in an army cemetery in Israel. This tomb began bustling after reported through the media. Is it true that the tomb is the real Harry Potter? Or just coincidence? Actually it is not a tomb tomb harry potter who is the main character in the book by JK Rowling, but the tomb is a tomb of British soldiers killed in battle in 1939.

Although only the same name, the gravestone was able to bring many tourists come to the remote town, exactly in the city of Ramle, Israel. Now the cemetery was inaugurated into a tourist attraction for the tourists because the tourists who came very much despite the tourists who visit are not recorded. In fact, according to a tour guide, Ron Peled said that this tomb had nothing to do with Harry Potter in a story book, but just the name alone that sell to the tourists. According to the story, as long ago Harry Potter was a British soldier who came to Palestine. But he was killed in a clash with armed group in 1939. At that time, he was 18 years old but the gravestone was written 19 years over 10 months. Allegedly, he has manipulated his age so he could join the army.

Local government officials, grave concern was getting to be about five years ago. City of Ramle and put it in the list of tourist sites since last year.
One afternoon, a group of tourists led by a tour guide to explore this well-kept cemetery looking for graves 'Harry Potter'. When found in the range 4,500 headstone, the tourists will be gathered and took pictures.

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