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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ryan Jombang Want To Marry - Daily News, Very Idham Heniyansyah familiarly called Ryan is reportedly going to get married. So whether Ryan will be married to fellow species or with a woman? Apparently the suspect cases of mutilation is reportedly going to edit a woman named Elly Winarya. Ryan who is now clutching at the first class Kesambui Correctional Institution, Cirebon, West Java, was admitted the relationship who has lived this originated from custody. Elly is a Singapore-bred woman who ensnared in a drug case in Rutan Pondok Bambu.

Ryans Party is seeking to ask permission to the head of the LP to be allowed to hold a wedding at the prison as soon as possible. When asked about the status of homosexuals, Ryan replied that he wanted to change. "I had to change. I want to return to my nature as a man. In the religion of Islam has not been perfect if not married women. And I want it done as soon as the wedding" he explained.

April last year, Depok District Court, sentenced to death for Ryan. While awaiting execution time arrives, Ryan said a lot closer to God and try to run the rule on the LP as possible.

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