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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Online Game Newest Warface - Daily News, It seems that this game will be one competitor to the other online games. The reason this game worked by German game developers from the previous products have been sold in the market because the graphics are amazing. This game is called Warface by developers Crytek. Warface is the game First Person Shooter (FPS).

Warface, brings players into a battle of modern style. This game will not be less fierce, because this game has been using the Cry Engine 3 with graphics quality is satisfactory. Game system in this game more emphasis towards the multiplayer, be it completing a co-op missions or compete in a player versus player agile.

This game still tilled by Crytek Seoul and for marketing this game, the plan will only be available in Korea and some countries in Asia. Until now, not yet known when Crytek will also launch a game that can be played for free it.

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