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Monday, February 7, 2011

Requested Haiti Baby Doc Capture, daily news, Human rights groups have asked the government to catch and punish Haiti for former president Jean-Claude Duvalier because of crimes they have committed in his tenure in the years 1971-1986. 59 Duvalier, or better known as "Baby Doc" who had been living in France, has now returned to Haiti after a period of exile for 25 years after being deposed by the public. He said he wanted to help Haiti after hit by earthquakes, but the group Human Rights and Amnesty International also said he had to face punishment.

Baby Doc alleged to have committed large corruption, repression and violence of human rights during his rule. Like his father, he relies on brutal militia forces known as the "Tontons Macoutes", which controls Haiti with violence and intimidation. Supervisory Director of Human Rights Jose Miguel Vivanco Americas said that Haiti is now experiencing a lot of problems without Duvalier.

Requested Haiti Baby Doc Capture

"Duvalier returned to Haiti should have only one goal, namely to face punishment. Her presence is a slap to people who have many problems," he said as quoted by the BBC, Tuesday (18/01/2011). It is not yet clear objective in Haiti, but French diplomats say that he has a ticket back to France on 20 January. He now lives in a hotel on the hill above the capital Port-au-Prince. UN police were keeping the entrance to the hotel.

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