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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Geneva 2011: Gumpert Tornante, anekatips.info, Although the new model will be more practical than the original Apollo, Gumpert will Tornante contains only two seats, gives maximum performance levels. Compared with Apollo, the new model more interior space, more comfort and character with which a driver to use it without the stress of everyday life. The new Gumpert Tornante wants a flagship for the dynamic customers who want to travel quickly. Gumpert Tornante, a body made of carbon fiber monocoque and have a mid-mounted V8 engine. Most likely, the engine that will power the new Tornante an improved version of the current device fitted toGumpert Apollo. To reduce weight, the model will be carbon fiber body panels.

Geneva 2011: Gumpert Tornante

For now, there is no picture of the "mixture of elegance and sporty Italian-German precision," as the new Gumpert characterized Tornante. I'm excited to see the all new Gumpert Tornante that was designed with the help of the top of the line company, Touring Superleggera see. These guys have developed some great attractions and there is no stopping the new Tornante. Finally that, itself, can say Gumpert has made a nice car.Touring Superleggra will change the reputation of the Gumpert Apollo has had. Yes, we all thought the car was and is bad ass, but it's not too pretty. The new stylish lines will Tornante, hinged doors and still stick to that aggressive look.

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