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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The film Michael Jackson Defeated Justin Bieber, anekatips.info, Documentary film 'Never Say Never' singer Justin Bieber's made history. The film was successful and achieved earnings beat Michael Jackson movie, titled 'This Is It'.

However, he achieved the film's success does not necessarily make 17-year-old singer was arrogant. With his humility, Bieber continued to recognize the singer who has died is the greatest. "MJ (Michael Jackson) remains the greatest! Greetings respect for him!," Said Bieber in his personal Twitter as quoted from Ace showbiz, Tuesday, March 22, 2011. This teen idol movie has grossed sales of U.S. $ 72 tickets, 2 million in America. Since it was released in last month, 'Never Say Never' was made with 3D format that can beat the sales of Michael Jackson's film is only U.S. $ 72.1 million. Chanter 'Baby' was very surprised with the results achieved these films. He never expected the success he achieved it. He also thanked his fans. "Pride of the 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' 3D and thankful to my fans who made the best-selling concert documentary of all time," added the singer again. Bieber also said his success had not made him complacent. He realized his career is still very long.

"And still has a long way in various parts of the world. MJ will always be the greatest!", Said Justin Bieber on his Twitter account pages.

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