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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Court - Lindsay Lohan Fingernail. Lot of people talk about Lindsay Lohan news now (her court also tattoo on her finger nail), this celebrity should go to jail on July 20, after on jail, lindsay must doing some treatment for drug abuse about 90 days. Ten days before languishing in a cell, Lindsay was scare.

Ahead of time in jail, according to Dina (lohan's mother), Lindsay will not give up to continue fighting for his fate. She is still trying to get a court decision that said go to jail for 90 days could change.

Lindsay Lohan Court

Lindsay Lohan Court

Lohan, crying and asking the judge to not impose a prison sentence. But Judge Revel said, Lohan violating probation repeatedly not following the mandatory alcohol counseling classes that she attended.

Lohan protest against the decision of the judges, but judges remain on the final decision.

"I doing that seriously. I do not expect special treatment. I do not consider this a game. This is life and my career", lindsay said.

Lindsay Lohan Fingernail

Lindsay Lohan Fingernail

I don't know what it mean, i think it's not related with her court or anything with that, she is a celebrities it's maybe just a unique art,,,

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auto cars said...

Poor lindsya Lohan ...

Why you did that ?

anak muda said...

anak muda masih harus belajar kontrol. sory pake bhs indonesia