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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Download Video Tokek Racun Lirik (Lyric). Video tokek racun and lyric or on Indonesian mean Lirik Tokek Racun, after we posted about video keong racun sinta and jojo, now there is a video on youtube with entitle tokek racun. Many people curious now about this song and want to download video tokek racun, because the lyric really funny. It's the answer or respond for keong racun song, the singer on this song (tokek racun) is a male, but we didn't know yet who is the singer.

The video uploaded on youtube by Mr X-Katrok (member on youtube.com). I will give you lyric of tokek racun, i think you will said that the lyric is "hot" hahaha. Okay don't wait anymore, check this one...

Lyric (lirik tokek racun)

Download Video Tokek Racun Lirik (Lyric)

Dasar kau tokek racun
sudah dibayar, eh nolak tidur
ngomong gak mau ML,
tau kau tetap terus nempel

Eh, kau lebay sekali
Pakai basa-basi kau nolak happy-happy
Eh, gaya malu-malu
Pakai basa basi kau nolak happy-happy

Sorry sorry sorry, jeng
Kau cantik tapi gendheng
Sorry sorry sorry, mbak
Kau memang cewek murahan.

Download Video Tokek Racun : We are sorry, the video was remove on youtube

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