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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Video Keong Racun Trending Topic On Twitter. Video Keong Racun, lot of people talked about this now, not only from Indonesia but also in the world. This song became a trending topic on one of the biggest micro blogging site (twitter.com). I got a news that there is a new video uploaded on youtube.com by someone. The video still use keong racun song, and they only dance and sing the song (lips sing).

But on that video not sinta and jojo, i don't know yet who are the two girl on that video, but the dance similar like sinta and jojo, the different is on that different version is not Indonesian girl and there is only one girl dancing, the other one only singing following the song (lips sing). Let's check the new video, and you can see the different from video keong racun sinta and jojo youtube.com. That new video watched or hit 73 times (when i write this post).

Video Keong Racun Trending Topic On Twitter

Keong Racun Sinta and Jojo

New version on video keong racun (foreign version)

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