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Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Make Money Online with Kooday.com. I'm sure I'm not the only person that many sites that are fast and easy money joined promise were only disappointed by the dull and tedious process of learning to real money. Not only do I pay $ 0.01 per click on ads to numb your mind, is very angry that, Make Money From Kooday.com having in fact nothing more than a good old house after much painstaking work.

Kooday, There are the great people that Make Money From Kooday.com a list of five reasons that tipped the balance is for you and please join together give it a shot. At least it is has done for me. If you are still with me, I give you a short summary of this thing. It's really very simple. The main point of this site is for members to buy keywords. You know the words you type into a search engine to search for something? Yes, they are keywords.

How to Make Money Online with Kooday.com

Here's how:

1) You can transfer money from your PayPal account to your page Kooday. The minimum is only $ 5 ($ 1 to cover the costs Kooday Service) to begin Make Money From Kooday.com.

2) You are now ready for battle. Type a word in your keyword search engine. If you think a word or phrase that nobody has bought then congratulations! Join for only $ 0.10. If you write something like "Google" or "Apple", the chin is reduced if the cost for those who are already hundreds higher.

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Make Money Online said...

Great post. You really made it easy for people to learn how to make money online.

kooday lover said...

Aneka, I don't know if you had seen it but the market has crashed completely. Kooday has also switched to alertpay. Let's also not forget about the snap shot bonus. Maybe you can also write something about that?

To your Kooday success,


Admin said...

@Kooday Lover : Yeah, kooday was change the payment method (use alert pay)...it's make the user stop using kooday. Well i can write about that, i will try in my next post...

Anonymous said...

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