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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hari Pembakaran Alquran (Koran burning days) Video. Daily news today, Hari pembakaran alquran or Koran burning days, this is the hottest issue now. Some people plan to burn Koran?, and they say that it's a international tradition. What a stupid tradition!, but like i said before it's not all people join there. Only some people who don't have a brain. Who is the leader of that group?, well from the news that i got, there is a pastor, name is Terry jones (Dove World Outreach Center, Florida, USA). Now, million of people against him, not only Islam people, but also other religion, we all know that Koran is a sacred book of Muslims, if they do that, it's mean they ready to fight with million of Muslims people.

For all my friends, especially Islam, please read carefully, it's not USA doing that action, but only a few of stupid people or group called Dove World Outreach Center, even lot of people on United states not agree with that action and also doing protest now. So please use your mind before give opinion. Now let's see a video also a photo of the Terry Jones.

Pasto Terry Jones (look like many people hate him now)

Pasto Terry Jones

Hari Pembakaran Alquran (Koran burning days) Video

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Setio Widianto said...

JIHAD... Is follow the God ways, fighting against satan.
Easy example, we believe that satan is our real enemies. They always whispering to us to do the forbidden things(drunk, free-sex, corrupt, lying, etc), and if we can fight the will of satan, we just did JIHAD.

Is killing people a good-deed? its obvious, "NO". So why the terrorist's killed INNOCENT people (9/11)? ironist, they said that they did JIHAD? Its because they DIDNT understand the true JIHAD means.

the Dove World Outreach burn the QUR'AN, its mean they DECLARE war with islam. In this condition, islam ALOWING the killing action. If Umar Ibn Khatab still alive, for sure he'll execute the dove world outreach. Not for his own EMOTION, but for ISLAM.
(If still include personal EMOTION, killing action is forbidden.)

kisah islami said...

Allah yang menurunkan Al Quran dan Allah-lah yang akan menjaganya sampai hari akhir

Anonymous said...

lasomu terry jones

Anonymous said...

terry jones laknat!!! kalau alloh biaya ke amerika aku akan membakarmu hidup2 beserta seluruh anggota keluargamu!!! laknat kau !!!

Noverry S said...

If I see Terry Jones or has someone would like to give me cost for go to Florida, I kill Terry with my hand self. Allahu Akbar...!!! Halal Terry Blood.

Anonymous said...

dengar suara keras aja gw udh gak mau, tapi kalau pelecehan dilakukan untuk agama ISLAM yg ku anut, apapun kan ku lakukan utk melawan. krn hidup dan mati hanya utk ISLAM. ALLAHU AKBAR... kibarkan bendera perang terhadap penghujat ISLAM. jgn takut...gugur dlm membela ISLAM adalah rahmat,

Anonymous said...

fuck you terry jones
you are the biggest satan arround the world
go to hell with your god

Anonymous said...

para petopeng...zionis...jahanam
pura2 jadi pendeta....padahal zionis+yahudi...