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Friday, September 10, 2010

Yahoo Koprol | Koprol.com. Yahoo koprol is the big social networking now, lot of people said that this koprol.com will grow up and beat facebook. Is it true?, let's see the detail. Facebook friendship SITE drove confidently after it managed to collect the users who have reached 500 million accounts. From the family side geosocial sites in the world, this is certainly a great achievement. Compete.com data based in the UK mentions, Facebook's second-largest number from the side after a Skype user who has touched 590 million account numbers. So afraid to its competitors? Apparently not. A number of sites that came later geosocial instead continue to grow. One of these social networking sites based on location, Foursquare. Until last weekend, Foursquare has three million accounts with the last account owner Brian S origin of St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

According Kompas.com, the figures were spelled remarkable because at the beginning of July 2010 a new record 2 million accounts. When measured again, Foursquare takes one year to hook one million accounts, three months to fatten the number of accounts to 2 million accounts, and 1.5 months for memontokkan account number to 3 million accounts. Some observers had predicted, Foursquare will be "exhausted" when Facebook launched a service Places features similar to the social networking site based on location, the Foursquare or Gowalla, a few weeks ago. In fact, Co-Founder Dennis Crowley Foursquare Foursquare just reported that it registered the largest of the additional accounts at Facebook announced anyarnya features. Crowley calculate, account number 180 000 Foursquare swollen account every 10 days.When the growth of the account owner Foursquare flourish, a number of competitors that have penetrated Gowalla 3 million accounts and My Town also has recorded a 4 million account.

Yahoo Koprol | Koprol.com

Yahoo Koprol | Koprol.com

Foursquare parties sure, this growth will continue to occur because the strategy spelled out by Foursquare unique compared to its rival. Foursquare deliberately targeting potential of mobile phone users who until now thought to have reached 4.6 billion. Particularly in Indonesia, Foursquare be confronted with a somersault, a local site which later was bought by Yahoo!. Somerset any target mobile phone users as a potential market because access to tumble as well as more easily available Foursquare melaluiperangkat cellular phone. Foursquare even with very clear to the user provides a special menu BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Palm, or other device. The issue is now live time, whether the strategy was successful or not, we'll wait.

Now koprol have million user or member, and we know Indonesia is on of the biggest contribution on facebook also twitter. Will koprol beat facebook?, let's see...

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Julian said...

i think Koprol took FourSquare's idea

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