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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hurricane Earl. STORMS Earl, a strong storm coming four categories, has passed the U.S. coast Tuesday (31 / 8) local time, after passing through the northeastern Caribbean. The storm brought rain and high winds that can damage houses, poles, and electric cables.

Earl predicted to pass through the eastern U.S. shores until Thursday (2 / 9) before returning to the sea. Potential areas, including New England and spent most eastern part of Canada. U.S. National Hurricane Center has warned residents of coastal North Carolina to Maine as a precaution to anticipate the storm.
"Changes in the slightest from the path (these storms) can influence and determine whether the storm will fall on land or remain at sea," said meteorologist origin of the storm center, Wallace Hogsett.

Hurricane Earl

Officers of the Federal Emergency Management Agency warned Craig Fugate Atlantic coast residents to plan for evacuation. "It will not be long before the storm reached the coast," said Fugate.
In the Caribbean, Earl has made a low area drowned in the flooding and damaging homes on the island of Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, and St. Maarten. Electricity in some states and territories reported outages. Cruise ship diverted and canceled flights.

Monday (30 / 8) afternoon, the storm center passed north of British-owned Virgin Islands. At night, the storm moved away from the Caribbean, but still resulted in rain that could cause flooding and landslides in Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.
National Hurricane Center said it was too early to predict the effects of the Earl of U.S. shores. However, at least east coast surf is expected to be harmful. Earlier, a surfer died in Florida and a swimmer disappeared in Maryland since Saturday (28 / 8) because the waves from Hurricane Danielle mengganas. Hurricane Danielle is already becoming more common weak became a tropical storm and headed north Atlantic.

In addition, Quinn appeared in the Atlantic tropical storm Monday (30 / 8) afternoon. A weaker tropical storm was expected to pass through the northern Leeward Islands today and then stay in the Atlantic without passing Earl's lane.

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