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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cheat Point Blank November 2010 - point blank, i know that lot of people love point blank and almost of them search cheat point blank on internet. Okay, i will let you know that the latest version of point blank cheat is use for reset card, rank hacked, wall shot, and still many other. So what do you think?, you want to download this cheat point blank?.

I think you must think first before using cheat while playing, because admin of point blank or pb at gemscool really hate if found a user or gamer who use point blank cheat, they will banned their account or id immediately, trust me. Why they do that?, there are many good reason for that and it's for our own good. Let's read the detail why admin so angry if found the cheaters.

Cheat Point Blank November 2010

- using cheat while playing will make the game error, lot of bug and may be lot of other user id will hacked by someone.
- point blank created for "a man" not a cheaters!
- many other user or gamers send their report to admin about cheaters, it's mean not all gamer playing in a black way, there are a real point blank sergeant.

I am really sorry because i can't give you the cheat, but you can help us by send your report to gemscool admin if you saw a gamer who using this cheat.

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