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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jurors In Cheshire Case United On Death Penalty - Daily News, On Monday, the jurors had their verdict for the defendant, Steven J. Hayes, who has afflicted the Petit home in Cheshire, Conn. It was almost expected from the initial session of home-invasion: Death by lethal injection.

As the jury began to speak openly about their decision on Monday night, they said they were sure of it and integrated. They say there has never been a deep division on the panel and that three and a half day of deliberation is to truly be considered when capital punishment was needed and then work through the complexities of the legal questions page that they must answer.

But some of them said in interviews that sit in the case of home-invasion Cheshire has been a horrible experience, thought for weeks about two parolees who entered the suburban house in the middle of the night and killed a mother and two daughters, beat and tied up father girls and commit other crimes countless.

"This is a challenge for me to see if I have the courage and strength of character," said Diane N. Keim, 59, a special education teacher from Madison. "The kids rather than what you see in the movies, I have not seen the other burn."

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