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Thursday, December 16, 2010

2500 Houses Destroyed Due To Flooding In Panama - Daily News, Heavy rains that hit the city of Panama for a week so this makes the water overflow flooding ensued everywhere. As a result, flooding has destroyed thousands of homes and claimed many lives. Previously, the Panama Canal was closed because access roads have been flooded due to overflowing of water is very high. As a result of this disaster is estimated as many as 2720 people were in refugee camps today.

Due to heavy rains that hit Panama has caused landslides and resulted in eight people dead was hit by landslide deposits. State Government of Panama has been declared in a state of emergency today after at least six highways have been damaged and flooding was widespread. Dam Hydroelectric Power Bayano which produces ten percent of the country's electricity is almost broken when the water flow reaches the highest limit of 63 meters. "We almost lost the dam, and luckily the water flow has decreased," said the president of Panama prior to a visit to flood-stricken areas.

He also said the dam manager Bayano, AES Panama, must calculate the value of damages suffered by thousands of residents living around the river Bayano. National System of Civil Protection, a number of ministries and security organizations in the country started sending humanitarian aid including water, food, bedding, clothing and medicines to the disaster areas.

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