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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yahoo Fire Hundreds of Employees Before Christmas - Daily News, Hundreds of Employees Yahoo probably can not sleep all night for this holiday season. The reason, they have been threatened dismissed by the company Yahoo. Yahoo plans to cut 4% of employees, which means up to 700 employees would be laid off. Yahoo CEO alone can not do anything about the new rules applied to holders of Yahoo.

The plan, Termination of work will be done before Christmas. Why? According to Yahoo, this is done in order to develop Yahoo's growth strategy and memperlas their margins so that it will provide great benefits for Yahoo. Termination is also allegedly linked to the Yahoo page view decline of 4% last month as well.

Yahoo said that if the employee reductions will take place largely in the product divisions. What is the cause of Yahoo reducing the number of employees? Is Yahoo's declining profits that can not afford to pay its employees? Only 10 days left to employees before Christmas and the fear that if the day's worst Christmas gifts they receive from the company.

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