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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bernie Ecclestone Pose In Ads After Robbed - Daily News, Confidence Bernie Ecclestone to manage and change the mugging into an opportunity that can generate profit. Formula One boss, has been attacked and robbed by four unidentified men outside his office in Central London last month. The robber was able to bring a watch Bernie whose value at £ 2 million. Bernie got wounded in the face, even before four stitches removed, Mr Ecclestone contact Formula One official watchmaker, Hublot to advise them to use images as part of the ugly face of adverting campaign.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, I called them and suggest it was a chance to do something different, "said Ecclestone." I can understand people who want to rob me when they are poor and they want some things for the kids with Christmas coming together together, but what they do is not necessary. "

Using the tag line 'Look at what people will do for Hublot a' show ads that injury done to Mr Ecclestone during the attack and the big picture at hand is similar to a personalized, worth £ 200,000, were stolen from him.

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