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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Force Hackers Attack Mastercard and Visa - Daily News, The hackers sympathetic to Wikileaks, to protect against Wikileaks and even threatened that they will be ready for cyber warfare if they continue to interfere with Wikileaks. After closing the flow of funds that performed the leading credit site Mastercard and Visa to Wikileaks apparently been targeted by hackers to disrupt their system. The anonymous hacker who had been attacked bernamakan Mastercard and Visa on the day yesterday.

So at that time, there was some disruption in the credit card sites such as card users were unable to make payments, similar to Revenge attacks Bank of Switzerland. The hacker also promised that Twitter would be a target also for comments Wikileaks censored. Meanwhile, the Paypal which has been previously shut down the flow of funds donated to Wikileaks claimed that the closure was based on the pressure exerted by the U.S. State Department.

The attack could be a warning or a threat to all sites that threaten to Wikileaks. A hacker group called Anonymous also promised to attack anything or anyone that tries to shut down Wikileaks.

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fajarturtle said...

wooow..!!! wikileaks is so wretch