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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Prince Charles Attacked - Daily News, Vehicle Prince Charles attacked a number of protesters associated with the rising cost of tuition at universities in the country. This is the worst political violence in the country over the last few years.

As reported by AP, on Friday (10/12/2010), Charles and wife Camilla vehicles are branded Rolls Royce was attacked when crossing busy roads in the West End on the way to the cinema. A group of people threw, kicked off with a fist, and smashed windows and cars pollute it with paint.

Someone shouted for the head of Charles and Camilla beheaded. Adnan Nazir (24) that follow the action, said Charles (62) looks calm and keep pushing his wife Camilla (63) to avoid the action of fuel on the road.

"Charles protect his wife and waving and thumbs," he said. Charles's office, Clarence House, said the royal family does not get injured. However, this attack makes the questionable police work.

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