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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Video Miley Cyrus Sucking Bong - Daily News, Artist's pretty teenager Miley Cyrus, is now being sad related videos scattered in cyberspace that contains that if he had been smoking marijuana on the 18th birthday celebration. In the video, Miley enjoys cigarettes smoked it and soon he was more often seen laughing as the effects of someone who has smoked marijuana. However, some sources do not say that he did not smoke marijuana.

The video was circulated after the five days since his birthday celebration was held at his home in Los Angeles area. According to sources, Miley was not smoking marijuana bongs but fill it with a natural herb called salvia that has a psychedelic quality. Salvia is legal in California and also a kind of herb that has effects similar to marijuana that can make the suckers will feel happy and laugh.

Miley Cyrus looks sad, it appears that the expression of the issued via Twitter account that contains "I am very sad." Suspected perpetrators of distributing the video is a close friend of Miley own.

See the video are sucking Bong Miley Cyrus

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