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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Invention Figures And Lowercase In Mona Lisa's Eyes - Daily News, Do you know the painting Mona Lisa? Surely you know the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece. Da Vinci left a lot of the puzzle to this day from the start till the codex his famous works. We have more new inventions that allegedly relic of Da Vinci. These findings obtained from the writings of the Mona Lisa. When viewed from the posture of paintings, the image will give a smile with the beauty of his paintings. However, if examined in depth this painting was also full of mystery puzzle given by Da Vinci. Paintings that have high value is not just another painting.

In Mona Lisa's eyes are dark black and thick, historians discovered a small letters and numbers. What is the purpose of these small numbers and letters? In Mona Lisa's right eye, formed a letter clearly marked LV when using a magnifying glass. The letter could be interpreted to be Leonardo da Vinci (LV). Meanwhile, in the left eye there is also a symbol but can not be defined purpose symbol. It was difficult to express because it is less clear symbol to be read. Like the letters CE, but can also like the letter B. Naturally, this painting was nearly 500 years, then the color becomes sharp and clear.

Initially, this discovery came from an antique book found. In the book, there are posts that say the Mona Lisa's eyes are symbols. It was immediately evident and it is true that in the eyes of the Mona Lisa have a secret symbol enigmatic relic of Da Vinci.

Mr Vinceti is a member of a group that sought permission to dig up remains of the tomb of da Vinci at Amboise Castle Loire Valley in France. They wanted to see if there are artists of the skull so that they can try and create a face and determine if the Mona Lisa - is owned by the French government and exhibited at the Louvre - is actually a twist on a self-portrait of the artist as some believe.

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