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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blast at Karachi University - Daily News, A total of two people reportedly were injured in an explosion on Tuesday last (12/28/2010) near the cafeteria at the University of Karachi, Pakistan. Karachi region is often targeted for bomb explosions and clashes place and at this time the explosion happened again. Although the explosion was low, but due to the explosion, two people should be brought to the hospital after the blast about it.

The bomb was suspected to have been planted in the bushes near the Masjid-ul Imran. Otang bomb exploded as people headed to the mosque when they want to pray Zuhr. According to one journalist, Sheheryar Mirza, said the blast was low intensity, although two people were injured but only lightly wounded. Even so, both are still given intensive care fi the nearest hospital.

Meanwhile, a new University of Karachi was the last reopen after closure due to clashes on the campus and see a large number of students began attending their campus to continue their studies which was delayed. Where the origin of the bomb and who did it? On the basis of whether they do the bombing? This incident is still under investigation by local police officers.

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