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Monday, December 27, 2010

Playboy founder Ready to Marry Again At Age 84 Year - Daily News, Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner is now 84-year-old said he was ready to get married for the third time with a former Playboy Playmate of the Month 24 years old, Crystal Harris. The statement disclosed that Hefner via Twitter account also said that he and Harris have been officially engaged on Christmas Eve last. Engagements with Harris at Christmas Hefner, Hefner was recognized last weekend in the happiest Christmas memories. He also will always remember the times when Hefner gave to Harris's ring. Harris then immediately shed the eye.

Hefner is a widower who failed in the household twice. Both also ended in divorce. His first marriage with Mildred Williams have run aground with the divorce in 1959 and his second marriage with Kimberley Conrad also ended in divorce earlier this year. Hefner who founded Playboy magazine in 1953, it is very famous among the world. He is known as the originator of sexual freedom and rights of civilians. She has also published a story that it opposed anti-communist movement, McCarthyism, and the Vietnam war and support the struggle of homosexuals and the legalization of marijuana or hashish.

Hefner first published Playboy magazine cover is framed with a photo of Marilyn Monroe. Successfully, on its maiden edition, 51 thousand copies sold and generate enough money to publish the second edition. From there, the company began to grow and become Hefner International company worth millions of dollars.

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