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Monday, December 27, 2010

Google Doodle 2010 - Daily News, Google Doodle is a page created by Google that it is filled with beautiful logo designs Google from Google Web Design team. To welcome the Christmas season and long holidays, Google Doodle featuring a special edition of the holidays and Christmas holidays. Google Web Design Team is indeed deserves thumbs up. The reason, any given design is always interesting, interactive and makes us amazed to see it.

This special edition of the official release date of December 23, 2010, 2 days before Christmas. In these pages, Google Doodle Google interactive displays featuring logos vacation portrait of the 17 provinces and countries around the world. For the settlement of this issue, five artists Google takes 250 hours or 10 half days. This logo will be continue to be installed up to 3 days ahead at Google.com and other (co.uk,. in,. fr, etc.).

Recorded up to now, the Google Web Design Team has designed more than 900 Doodles, and among these there were 270 Doodles to use this year. If you want to see the designs of interactive design expert team of Google, you can immediately see it. Surely you will be amazed to see pictures and logos interactive Google.

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