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Saturday, December 18, 2010

KasKus - KasKus.us - Daily News, Kaskus is the site of Indonesia's largest virtual community forum. Kaskus was established on 6 November 1999 aleh three young men from Indonesia are currently studying in Seattle, the United States. They are Andrew Dervish, Ronald, and Budi. Initially, they create a site which is an abbreviation KasKus this enormous buzz for the users of informal students only. But unexpectedly, if the forum they will grow rapidly and become the largest forum in Indonesia. Currently Kaskus been managed by PT Darta Media Indonesia. Currently, if kaskus has recorded more than 1.62 million members. Kaskus Members not only come from Indonesia, but has spread to other countries. Most kaskus used from teenagers to adults and the user's own kaskus called Kaskuser.

Kaskus visited at least by 600 thousand people with the number of page views exceeding 15 million every day. Until now Kaskus already has more than 100 million posts. In April 2010, Alexa Kaskus noted if the site is ranked 313 and was ranked the world's sixth most visited site of Indonesia. Meanwhile, Kaskus also opened Kaskus Radio which is an internet radio Indonesia under the auspices kaskus community. Kaskus Radio has more than 20 broadcasters and play a song for 24 hours straight with a variety of music from around the world.

As quoted from Wikipedia, Before UU ITE enacted, Kaskus has two controversial forum, bb17 and Fight Club. Bb17 (short for open-aperture 17 years) is an adult forum where users can share both pictures and adult stories. Meanwhile, the Fight Club is a forum dedicated as a place to argue that truly free without controlled. Often debated issues related to SARA. Affront to common ethnic and religious.

After the enactment of UU ITE, bb17 Kaskus immediately shut because contrary to the Act ITE about the spread of pornographic material. Fight Club changed its name to the Debate Club. Fight Club and Debate Club basically has the same function as a place for debate, it's just tightened controls on the Debate Club. Any new thread that created the user first censored by the moderator. If deemed feasible and discuss racial intolerance, then the thread will be deleted.

To erase the negative image as a media Kaskus underground and porn sites, Kaskus change the appearance on August 17, 2008. Kaskus created a new look full of color. In addition, Kaskus also added new features like blogs and WAP Kaskus.

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