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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Play Station 3 80GB - Daily News, Play Station 3 (PS3) is a gaming console that is produced and released by Sony's third generation. PS3 is a perfection and the successor of the Play Station and Play Station 2. Currently, the PS3 was competing in the market with other gaming consoles that are not less sophisticated than Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Wii from Nintendo. Console game released for the first time in Japan on November 11, 2006, and after it was released on November 17, 2006 in the United States and Canada. For this third version, is given 2 versions of storage capacity as distinguished from the game, namely Basic and Premium.

To provide the best service to its users worldwide, and Sony launched its latest product with a larger memory capacity of 80GB. The difference, if only given Basic memory capacity of 20GB and 60GB capacities given premium. On the technology implemented, the third version is no different and still use the cell processor, the processor type that is really optimized to perform floating point operations. The processor is also considered the most sophisticated processor at the moment and beat his rivals. Therefore, the PS3 is more interested by the audience of gaming worldwide. That proved just darisaat launch, game console is capable of selling out within a few hours.

Sophistication is located on the third console is located on the joystick that is used via bluetooth, so the user does not need to use the cable so that it can provide comfort and convenience for its users to move anywhere with a fairly wide range. In addition, the premium and 80GB versions, has the advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity is available for online gaming.

It is suggested, if the plan to buy a console this game do not buy the basic version, because there are 2 differences with the version teratasnya though the price is different but users will be pleased to use it. The drawback of the Wi-Fi connectivity is not available, memory card reader can not, so users can not use online games.

Besides being used for gaming, the PS3 can also store photos, play and save songs, videos, perform network, and a fellow recruit your friends to use for the PS3 console to play together via Wi-Fi is provided.

For the game itself, has provided a lot of options at a price affordable enough for you. For the price of this gaming console, can not be provided because in every country is different. Please you check the prices at your nearest gaming store.

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