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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Video Lunar Eclipse 2010 - Daily News, Rare event will occur for the first time in the last 400 years. NASA reported that the last time this event on December 21, 1638 and this is really amazing because this incident will be repeated on the same date ie on December 21, 2010. NASA also added that this event will not meet again until at least the year 2094.

Total lunar eclipse was happening again when the skies will be very dark by the shadow of the Earth as our planet through the moon and the sun which is located on the same straight line. Unfortunately, only a few areas that could witness a total eclipse Buan ini.Tapi do not worry because the total lunar eclipse events have been recorded in a video so you are not dapay witnessed such a phenomenal event to see the occurrence of these events where the sky is very dark and only illuminated by the moon is very bright as well as from the Earth's shadow fully covering the sun.

These events have been awaited by the people who can witness the event. They have gathered at a monument or a field to witness the beauty of this total eclipse of the moon. If you want to see videos total lunar eclipse that occurred on 21-22 December 2010, please click here: View Month Total Eclipse Video 2010

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