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Friday, February 25, 2011

Butter, Puppies a Posted by Pos, daily news, A woman accused of acts of animal cruelty when he sent the boy dog that lived through the parcel post. He sent this dog from Minneapolis to Atlanta, United States (U.S.). Stacey Champion tried to package these cute animals in the mail that is generally used to send letters and inanimate objects. 39-year-old woman was virtually alone managed to send the dog, if only postal workers do not realize that they receive the package.

Officer Stacey's post to see the package moves and make a sound. A few minutes later the postman had to disassemble the package was sealed and issued a new puppy four months old. According to the police officer Angela Dodge, at least it took two days for the package arrives at its destination. Although a sealed package that provided air holes, it still killed the dog to remember in the end its air holes covered by tape. It would be a traumatic experience when the content of the package is received in a state of lifeless," said Sergeant Dodge was quoted as saying Orange.

Ironically Stacey wrote the package with a message whose content is very sensitive and must be handled carefully. Even the package clearly states it is also addressed to his daughter a birthday the 11th. Now the puppies are secured at an animal shelter and will be adopted by interested persons.

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