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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Immigration Officers Wives Entering into the Terrorist List, daily news, latest freaky news from an immigration officer was very fed up with his wife so he put it to the list of terrorist names, so his wife could not return home from Pakistan. The officers entered his wife's name to the list of names that are not allowed to make the flight to England when she visited family overseas. When he tried to return home and perform the flight, the officer refused without giving a reason.

Immigration Officers

He also promised to contact her husband who sees the problem, but his wife was even allowed to be in Pakistan for three years, while he was enjoying his life without his wife. "Maybe he was confused when I was at the airport he was not allowed to fly, but he never took an act of terrorism," said one immigration officer.

This story was revealed after her husband will get a promotion and should be checked thoroughly. As a matter of fact when it is known that his wife is in the list of terrorists, make sure the entire done list. Finally the husband was forced to confess. Looking back for this case we can get conclusion about how believe who beloved one and for take danger of terrorist near us.

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