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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Egyptian riot victims Reached 125 People, daily news, remaining all in this fact war the death toll from the unrest in Egypt continues to grow. Entering the sixth day of protests, reported 125 confirmed victims were killed by the events that rocked this Egypt. Protesters continue to focus their action downtown Cairo, before since Friday, January 28 the protesters had set up tents where they were staying. Actually it has so many it was predicted approximately 10 thousand protesters had gathered since Sunday, January 30 in downtown Cairo. They even continued to oppose the curfew which was imposed by the government.

Egyptian riot victims Reached 125 People

The demonstrators continuously shouted President Hosni Mubarak to step down from his post. Residents seemed to be disgusted with Mubarak Government that has lasted for three decades. In the latest news like in Mubarak's insistence to go down; come also from the United States (U.S.). Egypt's main ally has asked Egypt to make the transition to democracy by peaceful means. War and tragic of this time make it so considerable of the company likes so many fabric in explained to Egypt to see the transition to democracy and we want to see what steps the Government of Egypt in order to achieve this (democracy)," Clinton said as quoted by AFP, Self.

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