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Sunday, February 13, 2011

TheLadders 2011 Television Commercial, daily news, For what kind of song that a number of average-looking office executives strike suggestive poses for the camera to the tune of 'Desire' of Vassy number on a new commercial for job recruitment agency TheLadders. The commercial creates a humorous tone by matching the synth pop buzz and sexy "ooh, aah, la la la" vocal hook sexy dance song Vassy's with images of ordinary people around the office squirm, do their best to look seductive.

A man lies on the floor, making him a co-worker obstacle to walk down the hall. All wear formal office clothes, except a man who has removed his shirt and wrapped in heavy computer power cords. By the end of the commercial, finally the seemingly incongruent images, music and meaning when "Be more attractive to employers for $ 100K +" to appear, and a voiceover explains that jobseekers TheLadders provides the necessary tools to appear "irresistible" to companies. Like so manu=y kind about music so easy listening.

The commercial also provides media exposure to Australian-born singer / songwriter Vasilliki Karagiorgos, known by her stage name Vassy. 'Desire' also appeared on an episode of Fox's "Human Target". Vassy was recently an acoustic version of the song on her YouTube page.

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